The Mabry Family

Hi friends! I have got to get better at blogging–yikes! I’ve been so busy this summer that I keep forgetting to stop and share!

This session is one of my favorites to date. Because the Mabry family lives at the beach, I rarely get to see them, so, our yearly photo shoot is an event I absolutely look forward to. This was my first time meeting Lily and its no surprise that I was completely in awe of her. What a beauty. The humidity was intense and the mosquitos were ferocious but even her melt downs are completely charming. Luke is such an attentive big brother..always holding her hand and making sure she’s okay. Abby & Jacob are the greatest kinds of parents. They could have cared less about grass stains and splashing creek water. They chose to stop, be present and enjoy their children and that is a true gift. Lily & Luke will cherish those memories (and hopefully these photos) forever. xo!

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  1. Hi Jordan. Thank you for the beautiful memories and kind words. These moments you captured will be cherished forever! You have such a special gift and we are so lucky that you shared it with us. Love love love every photo! Until next time…xo!

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    Goodness, you are so welcome, Abby. Your family is precious & photographing your babies through the years is so special to me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for choosing me. Can’t wait for our next adventure! XO!

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