Stacy & Tad

Stacy & Tad Dalpoas got married at Colin Creek Farm in Mocksville, NC last weekend and I was the lucky one who got to capture it. Everything about Saturday was memorable and I drove home that night feeling like a better person because of what I had witnessed and the impact it had on my heart. I’m not quite sure how to describe these two better than “united.” Every conversation, laugh, dance and movement just seems to be completely in sync with one another. At times, it felt like I was watching a movie. I never had to prompt them or bribe them to be loving–they just were and I happened to be there documenting it.

Every hour something more kind & thoughtful occurred than the hour before and it was just so beautiful to watch. Stacy was gifted a hand drawn sketch of her wedding gown to remember it always. Tad was gifted a watch engraved with the coordinates of their proposal in Greece. Stacy surprised her parents with an anniversary song that moved her mother to tears (and me, of course.) Children were playing while everyone enjoyed the naked cake baked by her aunt. Bridesmaids partied wearing flower crowns they made together. Tad & Stacy were enveloped with lots of love and support from those they cherish most and it showed in every tiny detail.

I must admit though, my favorite part of the entire day was the 20 minutes I was able to steal away with the bride & groom. The wind was blowing softly and I swear that tall, golden grass was calling for me…and I listened.

Enjoy Thailand, my world traveling pals. I hope these memories help you to enjoy your honeymoon even more.

All my love.

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  1. These pics are amazing! Jordan has been an absolute blessing to Stacy and Tad as she helped them capture their special day. Such an artistic, creative approach to every picture….. I can’t wait to see more! Thank you for sharing your talent.

  2. These are beautiful! You did such a great job of capturing precious moments, some of these brought tears to my eyes! Just precious!! And of course the one of my grand babies is awesome!!

  3. Jordan, I really liked your little story. I know exactly what you mean by you saying you left there feeling like a better person. It was a wedding that just kept getting better and each memory was even better than the one before. I don’t know how they pulled off such a fairytale wedding, but I do believe if anyone could, it is Tad and Stacy. You done a great job on capturing moments and even though I hadn’t met you before, I like the way you fit in with all of us and I noticed you were enjoying yourself as well, which made my heart happy. I hope everyone that left there, felt like a better person or felt Iike they may have fell in love all over again, as I did.

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