Sarah & Chris


Driving down to Wilmington to shoot Chris & Sarah’s wedding was an emotional roller coaster for me. I was super excited to FINALLY meet them especially in such a great town. I was nervous about the potential weather complications. More than anything, I was really sad to leave my son for the first time. Any new mom can understand that pull between doing what you love and being where you love. As soon as I pulled into town, I was greeted with that warm, salty air that can make you forget any heart ache and surrounded by some of my oldest, most favorite, familiar faces. (Two of them sang a duet of “Crazy Love” for the newlyweds that was so perfect it could have brought a grown man to his knees.)
Despite being from the same home town, I sadly never got the opportunity to meet Sarah & Chris which is an absolute shame. These two were welcoming and lovely from the moment we met. In my ten years of doing this professionally, I can honestly say that Sarah is the most laid back bride I’ve ever worked with. Her serene, peaceful disposition was infectious and put everyone around her in the same state of mind (including me and thats not easy.) Chris was the perfectly doting new husband and I can confidently say his eyes never left her all night. Can you blame him?
Bakery 105 in downtown Wilmington was such a lovely, intimate venue. A street fair featuring local artists took place outside while we weaved in and out of rain spells to capture some of the most lovely images I could hope for.  The evening ended with epic dancing and sparklers and smooches and I am so honored I got to be the one holding the camera.
Wishing for many years of joy and crazy love to you, Sarah & Chris.
Venue | Bakery 105

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