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We all have a story to tell. Learn how to write it well.

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We all have stories to tell.

Is there a journey, experience or lesson from your life that you’ve been wanting to put into words? Are you ready to tell your story?

Do you have a story you’ve always wanted to tell? A life experience–good, bad, difficult or delightful–that deserves to be put into words?

Writing our stories can be healing, empowering, a means to deeper connection with others, a gift to posterity or simply to ourselves.

In Telling Your Story, you will learn how to craft a well-written, well-executed personal essay from start to finish. We’ll discuss writing strategies, deeper themes and larger cultural context. Then we’ll spend time crafting a compelling lead paragraph that will provide you with the momentum required to keep you drafting forward, so you can leave the course ready to Tell Your Story.

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Sharing our stories is powerful, meaningful and important. Do you have a story you want to tell? Even if you never plan on sharing it, crafting our own stories can be both healing and empowering.