Motherhood + Creativity Meetup – July 11, 8pm EST


A meetup for moms seeking to engage with their creative energy. Even, and especially, when life gets busy. With host, Misha Lazzara.

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The conversation, inspiration and energy of the first Motherhood + Creativity course needs to be relived!

This meetup with have a shortened ‘course’ component with condensed slides and resources for all the new moms joining. Plus there will be creative exercises and accountability conversations for new + returning friends. Let’s get together to learn from, support and encourage one another!

A thirty minute presentation with creative exercises included. Afterward, we’ll have time to share, chat, commiserate and celebrate creative wins. Sixty minutes total.

For moms, stepmoms, caregivers and those who fill that role.

Important: Find Zoom link for meetup in confirmation email sent immediately after sign up.


“I don’t love writing (I panicked a little when Misha said bring a journal to the class) but her impromptu questions pulled some things out of me that I wouldn’t have realized without writing my thoughts down.
The Motherhood + Creativity class helped me to understand that taking time for myself doesn’t make me a selfish mother…it makes me a better mother. I’m so motivated!” Brittany B.

“I thought that Misha’s Creativity & Motherhood course was JUST what I needed to revive the creativity branch of my tree/part of my life. While I’ve always known the two could exist side by side, I just never gave myself the permission to indulge that part of myself while also fully embracing motherhood. Thanks to Misha, I have started to get my groove back and I’ve been making an effort to get my morning pages written each day. It feels like a gift I give to myself as a creative person and a mother. I’m also working on ways to get creative with my kiddo. If you feel stuck as a Mom juggling all the day-to-day stuff while still being called to create, I suggest signing up for this class. Misha is relatable and encouraging (AND a Mom who creates which makes her an expert!).” Lisa R.