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Developmental editing services from writer, Misha Lazzara, MA, MFA.

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Work with me to get your draft on track! Submit 5000-words of your manuscript today.

Together, we can…

  • Assess your strengths and skills
  • Troubleshoot your draft’s weaknesses
  • Focus on learning specific skills and writing practices that work for you
  • Make a plan-of-action for writing forward toward completion

Tired of spinning your wheels with your novel or collection of short stories?

I’ve been there. I’m here to help.

+ Have you been reworking a draft for what feels like ages?
+ Do you have a desire to tell a story but need guidance to write at a level you know you’re capable of?
+ Are you ready to take your writing goals seriously?

Informative and impactful developmental editorial services

Clear insight on what’s working in your draft, what needs work, how to gain new writing skills and hold yourself accountable in order to finish your draft.

Developmental editing — what to expect:

A comprehensive letter evaluating your submission

Close examination and critique of structure, character and plot

Limited copyediting to identify strengths and weaknesses on a sentence level

Educational resources and recommendations to help improve specific skills

How the editorial process works

  • Your submission will be read carefully and thoroughly
  • You will receive a letter that breaks down your work-in-process: structure, plot, character, as well as any relevant concerns or praise
  • You draft will be returned with limited copyediting praise and critique

Developmental editing offers you…

–Accountability with an educator who can help you improve your draft

–Constructive feedback on a project that feels stuck so you can move your draft towards completion

–Concrete educational guidance to improve your current work and future writing projects

–Carefully selected texts, resources or craft writing recommendations to aid you in continuing your writing writing education

Misha Lazzara
Helping writers reach their writing goals through editorial instruction.

I’d love to work with you!

With a Master’s in English with a focus in Creative Writing and a Master’s of Fine Art in Creative Writing, I have the education to assist you in learning the skills and practices that will add real, positive momentum to your work-in-project.

I spent eight years reworking a novel until I decided to go back to school and learn all the things I never knew I didn’t know about writing.

My debut novel, MANMADE CONSTELLATIONS, is out with Blackstone Publishing in August 2022. Through experience drafting, editing and traditionally publishing my work, I can help guide others who desire to complete a draft they can feel proud of.

First, get constructive, insightful and impactful feedback on 5000 words of your current work-in-progress. Next, revise and write with more clarity and focus. Finally, use your voice to share your story.

Ideal service for the opening sections of a novel or work-in-progress. It’s easier to smooth plot issues and  develop character arcs when your opening chapters are strong and focused. If you’d prefer to have a latter section read, include a synopsis of opening sections. Synopsis is included in 5000-word submission limit.

Editorial letter and comments will be returned within three weeks of draft submission confirmation. Please attach all documents as .doc or .docx to submission form, details highlighted in confirmation email. I look forward to reading, critiquing and helping to refocus your work!

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