Brains, Bodies + Creative Blocks – Stream Anytime


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Creative blocks keep some of the most beautiful art hidden from the world.

Creating and sharing our art is an act self-love, bold resistance and a pathway to deep human connection. Creative, generative energy is a vibe the world needs more of right now! Creativity is a force for good. Find yours–fiercely and freely.

We’re here to help you shed negativity, fear + self-limiting beliefs. Then you can be free to strive for and engage with your creative aspirations.

Let’s talk: How to engage with self-sabotage. How to learn from rejection. How to handle critiques. How to reconnect to your creative energy. And finally, how to stay motivated in your creative projects and goals. Find fierce self-love, compassion and joy. 

Let’s talk: Inspiration and confidence to cultivate your artistic practice. 

Let’s talk: Allowing yourself to learn. Progress over perfection. Using failure as a gentle teacher. And finally, how to trust in your perceptions and abilities.

Watch as Alex and Misha break down all of these topics and more. Both teachers hold an MFA in Creative Writing from NC State University. Together they host the Writer’s Constellations Series: a live bi-weekly interview series with today’s most inspiring writers, editors and book people.

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