Oh my Sweet Carolina

I had planned on taking the week of Christmas off until I received the most beautiful, well written, doting email from the sweetest, most smitten woman. Elizabeth grew up in NC but has found her true home in Matthew, a restaurant critic from Austin. These two were just the coolest. Smart. Cultured. Witty. Fun. Affectionate. Easy to talk to. I knew that the mountains and open Carolina land meant a great deal to her soul, so I chose to share with them some special places near my home. I stopped after about 10 frames and couldn’t help but comment on how sincere and evident their adoration for one another is. It was just easy, as it should be. It was fulfilling to document and witness. Of all the photographers, she chose me, and my gratitude is abundant. xo

“All the sweetest winds they blow across the south.
Oh my sweet Carolina, what compels me to go?”

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  1. Jordan, thank you for capturing the true essence that is the love these two people share. Matthew is my son, and from the beginning of his and Lizzy’s courtship, all the photos of them together show a man whose countenance expresses the joy in his heart. Our family is over the moon regarding the pending nuptials and eager to embrace Lizzy as a member of our family. With thanks, Peggy Odam

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    Peggy, you are so kind. You are very welcome. I am awfully grateful for the opportunity to meet your sweet son and his lovely bride to be. I’m thrilled you love the images and I am very happy for both of your families. Much love.

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