Meehan & Hawks Wedding

I read a quote awhile back that said “your heart, and my heart, are very old friends.” That is how I feel about Suzanne. After our very first conversation, I of course wanted to photograph her special day, but more than that..I wanted to be her friend. That says a whole lot. She is truly the most heartfelt, lovely person who shares an enthusiasm for life and those around her in a way most people simply don’t. I knew Dan had to be special if he was her chosen one. And, he is.

Suzanne & Dan got married on June 13th and the day was perfect. Hot, but perfect. Their reception was held at Graylyn, which for lots of reasons, matters deeply to me. Their day was special & sweet from the moment it began and it was my sincere pleasure to be a part of it. These two are in it for the long haul, friends. All my love to you.

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