Hanging Rock Engagement

Lauren and Eric have been together for 10 years and it completely shows. There is a comfort and connectedness that only exists after a couple has put in the time and effort. I met them bright and early Saturday morning at Hanging Rock State Park. I’ve never been and its lovely…a good leg workout as well! We hiked around and found some gorgeous light before the hikers, joggers, campers and picnickers flooded in. It was so peaceful knowing we were in this big, beautiful park surrounded by nature almost completely alone.

Between my initial first meeting with a client & the very end when the wedding album is delivered, there seems to always be a defining moment. My moment with these two was when they wholeheartedly and joyfully agreed, without hesitation, to jump into a waterfall. Its not as if this was a warm August afternoon. This was a 50 degree early morning in May. They laughed the entire time and I was overwhelmed at their willingness to take a chance. They trusted my instincts and I’m so thankful for that. These images are happy and young and free. I approach every day, and every shoot, with the same mindset. Its crucial that these moments are captured. My hope for any client, is that one day, when they are 80 and sharing these memories with their grand children, they will instantly be brought back to a time in their life when resiliency and youth won. How beautiful is that?

…So looking forward to October 8th with two new friends who have already brought me great joy.

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