Frequently Asked


Who needs editorial review?

All writers benefit from editorial feedback. But before you decide to purchase that feedback, it would be worth seeking out a writer's group, a handful of beta readers or a trusted friend to offer initial feedback. The more polished a draft is before you hire an editor, the better the results. However, if you've been stalled or stuck on a project for a long time but still feel passionate about completion, now might be the time to dive in.

What is 'developmental' feedback?

There are several different types of editorial review. Developmental editing focuses on creative notions of character, setting, plot and theme. That's the type of editing we do here. Copyediting is focused more on the minutiae of sentence level concerns. Our services offer only light copyediting notes. Proofreading is even more fine-combed, focusing on grammar and typos.

What can I expect from editorial collaboration?

This depends on the service you choose.

After you submit your draft via confirmation email instructions, you will receive your editorial feedback on or within three weeks. This feedback will be in letter form, addressing developmental editing issues. This letter will include constructive critiques, questions, concerns, potential solutions and useful examples to take forward into the revision stages. Meetings will offer even more intensive feedback, along with a plan-of-action to help move you toward your goals.


What can I expect from online courses?

Courses are much less intensive than editorial collaboration. Most courses are open to all interest and skill level. They are community-driven and resource-based, offering insights and solutions available to us from craft books, websites and shared knowledge. Certain courses are workshop-based, meaning that we will write, share our work, critique and offer feedback on others' work and then revise. Be on the lookout for monthly course offerings.

When is my work ready?

Here's what I say. When your desire to write and tell your story is strong, but you feel stuck, incapable or stalled in your project. Perhaps it's after a series of rejections or when a chapter is left unfinished mid-sentence for many days, weeks, months or even years. If your writing groups have scattered, or if you're really, truly, finally ready to just finish the damn thing--that's when you know it's time to hire a professional and make a decision to finally finish your novel.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds on services, since there is no way for me to gain back the time and energy spent reviewing and editing manuscripts. However, if you have questions or concerns about your feedback--feel free to reach out via email. A reminder that critiques, no matter how constructive, can feel uncomfortable. Lean into the dissonance and acknowledge that we all have room to grow, learn and improve!