Motherhood + Creativity

This one is for the moms.

Are you a mom looking to reconnect to your creative spirit? I’ve been there too–struggling for years to even allow myself the time and space to pursue my creative passions. Over the years, I’ve set boundaries, enlisted help and support, studied models of women from the past, read up on the “mind-baby problem” and incorporated creativity into every aspect of my life. I’m here to help mothers who yearn to engage with their creative interests more regularly! Join us to discuss, commiserate, learn and explore.

Do you struggle to schedule creative time? Do you wish you had more creative opportunities, even while you’re juggling parenthood and other responsibilities?

In this course we’ll discuss the joys and inspirations that stem from motherhood. First, we’ll explore family-oriented creative outlets. Then we’ll break down some of the barriers and issues that spring up when we attempt to reengage our creative pursuits individually. We’ll talk boundaries, practices, prioritizing and reconnecting with our independent creative spark. There’s a balance between embracing the creative family life and pursuing your personal passions and creative interests, and I’m here to help you discover that without the added perks guilt, shame or overwhelm.

For mothers, caregivers and soon-to-be moms who desire to connect or reconnect with their creative nature. As motherhood is often all-encompassing, it can be too easy for moms to waylay creative desires, interests and dreams. Let’s connect as a community in order to reconnect with our creativity.

A 45-minute online session with open discussion afterward.




May 15 2022


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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