Developmental Editing

Do you want to learn more about creative writing? Are you stuck on a writing project?Would constructive feedback help get you on the right track?

I’d love to work with you!

First, get clear feedback on up to 5000 words of your current work-in-progress. Next, revise and write with more clarity and focus. Finally, use your voice to share your story.

What to expect:

  • A full response letter addressing your work’s strengths, weaknesses, questions and potential solutions.
  • Light copyediting on draft document. A focus on structural or repeated sentence-level issues like awkward wording, repetitive word use, clarity or language confusion.

Developmental editing focuses on:

  • Characters
  • Settings
  • Themes
  • Emerging Plot

Ideal service for the opening sections of a novel or work-in-progress. It’s easier to smooth plot issues and  develop character arcs when your opening chapters are strong and focused. If you’d prefer to have a latter section read, include a synopsis of opening sections. Synopsis is included in 5000-word submission limit.

Follow confirmation email instructions to submit your draft. Editorial letter and comments will be returned within three weeks of draft submission confirmation. Please attach all documents as .doc or .docx.

Please note: offers no refunds on services. Feel free to reach out via email if there are any questions or concerns regarding editorial services.


Jun 07 2022 - Jul 07 2022


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