Editorial Feedback + Meeting

Thorough and constructive developmental editorial feedback. A 45-minute Zoom session to discuss critiques and ask questions. A writing plan-of-action to help transform your unfinished draft into completed manuscript.
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Do you need that extra push to help finish your novel draft?

Do you have a great idea for a project but don’t know which end is up, where to go from here, or how to continue writing forward?

If you’re stuck on a project or simply need someone to coach you through the drafting process while learning more about writing along the way, sign up for an editorial + meeting session.

You will receive detailed feedback on:

  • How well the section reads
  • Where questions or concerns stem from within the draft
  • Solutions and examples of how best to resolve issues
  • Examination of characters, settings, apparent themes, and emerging plot.

You will also receive light copyediting. Though the service does not offer minute copyediting (line editing), overarching or repeated issues on the sentence or paragraph level will be addressed directly on the draft

With this service, you will also receive a 45-minute Zoom meeting to discuss your work, plan edits, and ask clarifying questions. Together, we will come up with a plan-of-action regarding your draft and how best to reach completion. Limited number of sessions available per month. Book in advance to ensure availability.


What editorial + meeting offers you:

  • Thorough and constructive developmental feedback on up to 5000 words
  • 45-minute Zoom meeting to discuss critiques
  • A clear plan-of-action to turn an unfinished draft into completed manuscript
  • One month email support after our session
Meeting times are scheduled for three weeks after document submission. Session availability is flexible and meetings can be rescheduled for any reason with at least 24-hour notice. In case of missed meetings or last-minute cancellations, a recorded message regarding your work will substitute face-to-face session.

If you are committed to completing your manuscript...

First, gain knowledge through constructive feedback that offers solutions, resources and practical examples. Next, gain clarity by asking questions in a one-on-one Zoom session. Finally, meet your writing goals.
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How the editorial + meeting process works

5000 Words + 45-minute Meeting $395

Select your date

Choose an available date to schedule your document submission. Follow confirmation email instructions. Feedback will be returned within three weeks of document submission.

Schedule meeting

Meeting time will be schedule for three weeks after document submission. We will communicate via email, so please use valid email address that is checked regularly.

Implement feedback

During our meeting, we will create a writing plan-of-action. A step-by-step approach to draft completion that will help you reach your writing goals.

Manmade Constellations

Misha’s debut novel, Manmade Constellations, is out with Blackstone Publishing August 9, 2022.
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Hi, I'm Misha.

Hi! My name is Misha Lazzara. I have a BA in English with focus in German Language and minor in Mass Communication, an MA in English with focus in creative writing, and an MFA in fiction writing. I look forward to working with you on your novel, short story or memoir draft. If your work falls outside of those genres, please email to discuss options before purchasing a session.
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