Downtown Dance

The first time I met Sage, we shared the most wonderful conversation over coffee & tea. Once Joseph showed up to surprise her, and I was able to witness them together at their most great, I was convinced I was in the presence of two people absolutely meant to be. I really believe that a person experiences a true soul awakening when they find the one meant to walk beside them, and it was evident and obvious that was the case here. They shared with me the sweetest details about their initial blind date in Winston Salem with friends (and a lovely previous bride & groom of mine), nervously meeting over pizza & then chatting at the most fantastic little bakery. I kept brainstorming and ultimately knew I wanted to incorporate those initial places in their engagement session because it was special and true to them & their story. We spent two hours walking up and down the streets, finding beautiful pockets of light with local music playing in the background. It was divine. I’ve done this for many years and can say with complete confidence, no couple has ever giggled & played more than Sage and Joseph. After one fit of laughter, I told Sage that her smile could light up the whole world and Joseph looked at me, and then back at her with the most pride. We both knew it was true. I adore these two people & the way they bring each other “home.”

To be the one behind the camera…man, I lucked out.

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