Get your draft on track.

First, submit up to 5000 words of your work-in-progress. Next, receive constructive and impactful feedback from a qualified writer and instructor. Finally, take your project from unfinished draft to completed manuscript.
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Developmental Editing

5000 Words for $295

This service is perfect for the opening sections of your novel or WIP. It’s easier to smooth plot issues, develop character arcs, and find a solid trajectory when the WIP starts out as strong as possible.

Developmental editing. Receive detailed feedback on large-scale issues such as:

  • Where questions or concerns stem from within the draft
  • Solutions and examples of how best to resolve issues
  • Notes on character, settings, apparent themes and emerging plot
  • How the section reads overall

You will receive a full response letter addressing your work, which can be referred back to as you edit and revise.

You will receive light copyediting directly on your draft. Copyediting points out structural or repeated copyediting issues like awkward sentence structure, repetitive word use, clarity or language confusion directly on the document you send us.

If you want feedback on later portions of your draft, include a synopsis of prior plot and character points (included in 5000-word count).

Please send all documents as .doc or .docx. Drafts will be returned within three weeks of calendar date purchase. If your writing belongs outside of the fiction genre, consider whether an editor with expertise in topic-derived nonfiction (self-help, academic, history, finance, dogs) or your specific genre might better serve you. If you are interested in receiving feedback, but your writing falls out of the general purview of fiction, essays, or memoir, please email with questions and specifics.

If you're interested in more intensive feedback, consider an editorial + meeting option.

Receive developmental feedback and a 45-minute Zoom session. Together we can discuss critiques and make a writing plan-of-action that will take your draft from unfinished to complete.
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How the editorial process works

5000 Words for $295

Select Your Date

Choose an open editorial slot on the calendar. Your draft will be returned to you within three weeks once you've submitted your draft per email instruction.  

Submit Your Draft

Follow confirmation email instructions. Be sure to use valid email address, one that you check regularly. Submit your draft in .doc or .docx form.

integrate Feedback

Editorial feedback and light copyediting will be returned within three weeks of document submission date. Use feedback to revise and edit current draft.

Manmade Constellations

Misha’s debut novel, Manmade Constellations, is out with Blackstone Publishing August 9, 2022.
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Hi, I'm Misha.

Hi! My name is Misha Lazzara. I hold a BA in English with a focus in German Language and minor in Mass Communications, an MA in English from UNCC with a focus in creative writing, and an MFA in fiction writing from NCSU. I was born and raised in Minnesota, USA. My husband and I currently live in Charlotte, NC where we raise our three children.

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