Charlotte & Aaron say I do’s!

I could write on and on about my affection for these two, but I will simply say that I love them. I mean it, and they know it. If I had it my way, I would honestly shoot this wedding every year for the rest of my life. Aaron & Charlotte are truly one of a kind, both individually and as a union. They are so full of love and warmth and that feeling translates into every single one of these images. Aaron’s mother specifically requested that I get a great shot of Aaron’s face when Charlotte walked down the aisle. I can understand why. His expressions were perfect and so telling of his true and deep love for her. He cried and immediately giggled and it was adorable. I will continue to say that there is no wedding like a Refvem gal wedding. I came home from a long, wonderful day of shooting and told my husband it must be a requirement for every guest invited to be a fantastic dancer. I felt like I was shooting a movie because the dancing just didn’t stop. Corn hole, beautiful children, yummy smores, super fun friends, loving families, a great bonfire…and a dude willing to jump through it. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I’ve never seen or shot anything like it. The day was happy and easy from the moment it started and it was my most sincere pleasure to be there–cameras in hand and heart full of adoration. Enjoy!

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