Misha’s novel, Manmade Constellations, out with Blackstone Publishing 2022.



Hi! My name is Misha Lazzara, Minnesota born and raised. I left home for undergrad in East Texas. It was there where I met my husband, Adam. Together, we raise three kids in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Master of Fine Arts

North Carolina State University

MFA at NCSU, creative thesis under the direction of Belle Boggs. Studied poetry under Eduardo Coral and Dorianne Laux. Winner of the Academy of American Poets Prize 2020.

MA in Arts

University of North Carolina Charlotte

MA in English with focus in creative writing. Creative thesis completed under the direction of Aaron Gwyn.

Bachelor of Arts

University of Texas Tyler

Literature and language degree with a focus in German, minor in Mass Communications.

Let’s write something together.

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