I’m here to help writers reach their creative goals. After years of struggling to complete a project, I dedicated myself to learning the craft. Now, I'm here to help you do the same.

Hi, I'm Misha!

Writer, mother and teacher on a mission to help others fulfil their creative goals.

After undergrad, I spent eight years working on a novel that I desperately wanted to write but didn’t know how. Through two graduate writing programs, I was eventually able to complete my debut novel, MANMADE CONSTELLATIONS, which is out August 2022 with Blackstone Publishing.

In those years in between undergrad and graduate school, I attempted to write my novel and tell my stories, but realized that I just didn’t know what I didn’t know! I’m here to help writers--who don’t have the time or inclination to spend years of their life in school--figure out what skills, practices, and knowledge will best get them on their way to completing their writing goals.

For those who always dreamed of writing a novel. For those who want to improve their writing skills. For those who desire deeper and more consistent creative practice.


Master of Fine Arts

North Carolina State University

MFA in fiction writing. Creative thesis under the direction of Belle Boggs. Studied poetry under Eduardo Coral and Dorianne Laux. Winner of the Academy of American Poets Prize 2020.
MA in Arts

University of North Carolina Charlotte

MA in English with focus in creative writing. Creative thesis completed under the direction of Aaron Gwyn.
Bachelor of Arts

University of Texas Tyler

Literature and language degree with a focus in German, minor in Mass Communications.
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Experience you can work with.

Misha's experience teaching college writing courses has given her the vocabulary to review and critique drafts constructively. Through years of graduate-level workshops, she's practiced in offering developmental and copyediting with concision and impact.


I’m a mother of three who loves traveling, reading for hours on end, and watching very cheesy and life-affirming rom-coms (the cheesier the better, honestly)

I grew up in Minnesota, went to undergrad in Texas, lived briefly in New York City, Winter Park and Los Angeles, and finally settled in Charlotte, NC

Building community and strong relationships with friends and family is one of my top priorities

My husband, Adam, is a musician, so we both value the balance between creative life and time spent with family and community

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