The Killius Family

I spent the best morning with the Killius family in Charlotte, NC a few weeks ago. Katie is an old high school friend of mine that just seems to get more lovely & more kind as the years go by. She told me she wanted an at home, lifestyle kind of shoot when sweet Maggie came home from the hospital. I was thrilled of course because its my favorite kind. Its an opportunity to document the gorgeous chaos around us. We get so busy in our lives and spend so much time agonizing about where to be & when to be there..who to call back..who sent the last text..whats for dinner..etc. Because of that, we often times really forget that these little moments that we usually overlook, are actually the most meaningful.  They are perfect in their totally imperfect kind of way. Brand new babies and their perfect, fragile skin. Little boys & red trucks. Back yard play dates.
I love this family. And, I love these photos because they are true.

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